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Powerball Power Play
Powerball Power Play Results
Draw Date: 01/25/2012
Past Draws
Official Rules and Payouts
Lucky-4-Life Results
Draw Date: 03/08/2012
11 - 15 - 29 - 36 » 33
Past Draws
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Power Ball
Power Ball Results
Draw Date: 08/26/2015 PAID: $100 MM
02 - 22 - 32 - 45 - 56 » 12
Past Draws
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Lucky For Life
Lucky For Life Results
Draw Date: 08/27/2015
16 - 17 - 39 - 40 - 46 » 12
Past Draws
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Mega Millions
Mega Millions Results
Draw Date: 08/28/2015 PAID: $64 MM
13 - 35 - 40 - 60 - 68 » 9
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Mega-Millions Megaplier
Mega-Millions Megaplier Results
Draw Date: 08/28/2015
Past Draws
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CT-Play 3
Play 3 Results
Draw Date: 08/28/2015
3 - 2 - 0
Past Draws
Official Rules and Payouts
CT-Play 4
Play 4 Results
Draw Date: 08/28/2015
2 - 2 - 6 - 6
Past Draws
Official Rules and Payouts
CT-Cash 5
Cash 5 Results
Draw Date: 08/28/2015
01 - 05 - 08 - 32 - 35
Past Draws
Official Rules and Payouts
CT-Classic Lotto
Classic Lotto Results
Draw Date: 08/28/2015 PAID: $1.4 MM
04 - 11 - 15 - 21 - 25 - 36
Past Draws
Official Rules and Payouts
Lucky Links Night
Lucky Links Night Results
Draw Date: 08/28/2015
02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 08 - 09 - 12 - 18
Past Draws
Official Rules and Payouts
CT-Mid Day 3
Mid-Day 3 Results
Draw Date: 08/29/2015
9 - 6 - 0
Past Draws
Official Rules and Payouts
CT-Mid Day 4
Mid-Day 4 Results
Draw Date: 08/29/2015
2 - 6 - 6 - 9
Past Draws
Official Rules and Payouts
Lucky Links Day
Lucky Links Day Results
Draw Date: 08/29/2015
02 - 03 - 04 - 08 - 10 - 17 - 18 - 20
Past Draws
Official Rules and Payouts
5 Card Cash
5 Card Cash Results
Draw Date: 08/29/2015
QD - KH - 4C - 3D - 8S
Past Draws
Official Rules and Payouts
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Strawberry Shortcake is Extra Sweet When Served with a $30,000 Top Prize Winning Ticket
Connecticut - 08/28/2015
While preparing for family to arrive for dinner Sunday night, Marissa Vaspasiano and her husband, Joe, realized that they were completely out of vanilla ice cream, which wasn’t good... READ MORE

Tongue-Tied Machinist in Disbelief over $20,000 Prize Win
Connecticut - 08/01/2015
The moment that Martin Passander of Ansonia revealed a $1,000 prize next to the “20X” symbol that appeared on his CT Lottery “20X Cash” scratch game ticket left him utterly speechless. READ MORE

Easton Man Accidentally Wins $30,000 Top Prize from Instant Ticket Vending Machine
Connecticut - 06/26/2015
Rather than waiting in the customer service line at the Super Stop & Shop in Fairfield, Bob Sabo of Easton decided to do something he had never done before READ MORE

Guiselle Elizondo of Sherman Claims "Lucky Links with 2xPOWER" $50,000 Top Prize
Connecticut - 06/05/2015
Yesterday’s Lucky Links with 2XPOWER day drawing created its second $50,000 top prize winner, Guiselle Elizondo from Sherman. READ MORE

The Luck of the Irish Shines Down on Enfield's $177,777 Top Prize Winner
Connecticut - 05/01/2015
Bryan Mello of Enfield is very proud of his Irish heritage, so when he saw the CT Lottery’s “Emerald 7’s” instant game ticket for sale, he knew he had to buy it. READ MORE

Waitress Claims $7,500 a Month for Life Top Lottery Prize for $1,500,000
Connecticut - 03/27/2015
What a difference a day makes... READ MORE

Waterbury's "Baker's Dozen + 3" Claim Mega Millions $1,000,000 Prize from Jan 9
Connecticut - 02/27/2015
What's even better than receiving an extra donut in the dozen you ordered at your favorite bakery? READ MORE

Norwalk Winner Scoops Up $1,000,000 Poerball Windfall Before the Blizzardy Snowfall
Connecticut - 01/30/2015
Just before “Blizzard Colbie” blew in to Connecticut and dumped a significant amount of snowfall Monday, J. Woodward of Norwalk arrived at CT Lottery headquarters ... READ MORE

Windsor Scores Twice "5 Car Cash" $255,555 Top Drawing Prize Win for Dec 11
Connecticut - 12/20/2014
Last Friday, Malcolm Yelling of Windsor strolled into the CT Lottery headquarters in Rocky Hill to claim the “5 Card Cash” draw game’s $255,555 top prize READ MORE

New Haven Mom Wins "Lifetime" Prize Worth $2,000 a Month for Life
Connecticut - 11/14/2014
After much indecision, Lucinda Marshall of New Haven eventually settled upon purchasing a “Win up to $2,000 a Month for Life” instant game ticket to play. READ MORE

Happiness is a Birthday Present Wrapped in a $200,000 Prize Winning Lottery Ticket
Connecticut - 10/17/2014
Only days away from his 29th birthday, Stephen Jaser of Milford found just the ticket to help him celebrate the occasion a little bit early READ MORE

New Haven Receives an Unexpected Ticket and Wins $50,000 Prize
Connecticut - 09/21/2014
Brian Stetzer, a soft-spoken 23 year old from New Haven, is a self-described, once-in-a-while type of lottery game player. READ MORE

Oh What a Feeling, Burlington Man Finds $100,000 Prize Win in Six Red Words
Connecticut - 08/29/2014
Bill Grouten of Burlington is a big fan of the CT Lottery’s “$100,000 Cashword 6” game. READ MORE

Manchester Resident Wins Connecticut’s “Lotto” Jackpot for $3,600,000
Connecticut - 07/30/2014
Bright and early this morning William “Bill” Carter II of Manchester made his usual stop at a local convenience store to put gas in his truck and to pick up some cold drinks for his cooler... READ MORE

Uncasville Resident is the CT Lottery’s Third “5 Card Cash” $255,555 Top Prize Draw Winner!
Connecticut - 06/20/2014
Yesterday’s 5 Card Cash lottery drawing resulted in yet another $255,555 top prize match for one lucky winner READ MORE

Message of the Day: Congratulations! $255,555 Top Prize “5 Card Cash” Winner!
Connecticut - 05/30/2014
Days after the May 12, 2014 “5 Card Cash” daily drawing was held, Michael Marchese, 24, of Durham scanned his lottery ticket in a Ticket Checker and received a message, loud and clear: “Congratulations!” READ MORE

Kensington Resident Celebrates “Lucky for Life” $25,000 a Year for Life 2nd Prize Win
Connecticut - 05/02/2014
What’s the best way to celebrate the discovery of a “Lucky for Life” prize winning lottery ticket in your purse? READ MORE

Early Bird Catches the Cash5 $100,000 Top Prize in Bristol
Connecticut - 04/11/2014
The early bird may catch the worm, but lucky Ralph Landrette of Bristol recently nabbed something just a little bit tastier. READ MORE

Manchester Resident Wins CT’s “50/50 Super Draw” $242,560 Top Prize
Connecticut - 03/21/2014
Christina Desaulniers of Manchester isn’t Irish, but on St. Paddy’s Day, March 17, 2014, she sure was lucky READ MORE

East Hartford Couple Claim CT’s Fifth “$25,000 a Year for Life” 2nd Prize Win
Connecticut - 02/27/2014
February has been an especially happy month for Rinaldo and Lorraine Fierro of East Hartford. READ MORE

Happy Birthday Numbers are a Lucky Match for “$25,000 a Year for Life” Prize Win
Connecticut - 02/08/2014
while getting ready for work at his second job, Michael Samlidis of Norwalk asked his wife, Helen, to check the CT Lottery’s website for the winning Lucky for Life numbers. READ MORE

New Haven Resident Claims $20,000 “Super Draw” Prize
Connecticut - 01/10/2014
It’s nearly a week now since the “New Year’s $1,000,000 Super Draw” drawing was held on January 1, and the CT Lottery is still looking for the single ticket holder with the winning number 198104. READ MORE

Stamford Man Hits the Jackpot and Wins $1,000,000 Lottery Prize
Connecticut - 11/16/2013
A winning symbol match on a CT Lottery “$1,000,000 Jackpot” ticket turned Stamford resident instantly into a $1,000,000 top prize winner. READ MORE

Norwich Resident Receives a “Surprise” $50,000 Prize Win
Connecticut - 10/06/2013
Susan Weber of Norwich was very excited when she found 9 complete words on her CT Lottery “Super Cashword 16” instant ticket for a $5,000 prize win. She became ecstatic, however, when she later learned she had 10 words and her ticket was actually a $50,000 top prize winner. READ MORE

Lucky Meriden Resident is Cash5 $100,000 Prize Winner
Connecticut - 09/17/2013
On Friday the 13th, Wilsa Maisonave of Meriden entered a convenience store to buy lunch when she found a penny heads up—a sign of good luck. READ MORE

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